20 Band Members Survived the Crash
.... these are some of the Heros
that you haven't heard about 

Actions done in service of others who are in need

Actions that are performed voluntarily

Actions taken with  risk or sacrifice

Actions taken without expectation of reward or gain

Gimme Three Bucks
Dwaine Easley

Dwain was 26 years old. The crash site was 400 yards from Dwain's home. He scratched through the woods in the gathering twilight to the crash, climbed into the wreckage and pulled victims from the twisted fuselage for the next several hours.

Bobby McDaniel

A member of the Civil Air Patrol, Bobby was 22 years old at the time. He responded immediately to the crash site in Gillsburg and began transporting victims across the swampy area and creek to makeshift ambulances in the back of farm  pickup trucks.

Dr. Hank Lewis

Fortunately for the victims, Dr. Lewis was a young military trained trauma doctor. He responded to the crash site from the hospital in the first on scene ambulance. He was in the woods treating victims at the crash and continued to aid them at the hospital.

Wayne Blades

Wayne was working in the hay field that day with Dwain Easley. They made their way through the woods together and pulled victims from the plane. Wayne was a young man at the time and one of the first to help. He has since passed.

Watch the real story of the rescue...told by the rescuers whose efforts saved many of the band members that night.
 The Last Stop
by Emma Harrington