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Asking Questions and Getting an Answer Here ......

Okay, I have received numerous e-mails that come to my e-mail address, and also in unison, they come also to our two IT guys, Mike McDaniel and Jack Harrington. Mike is on the LSM Board and is deeply involved with on-line sales and the on-line store. Jack is not, but actually, he helps Mike and I with the website.

We are not (or at least I am not) able through our website provider to directly answer your questions. I cannot login like we are supposed to be able to do to get back to you. The best thing to do is leave us an e-mail address to directly contact you with, or a phone number or both. Thanks, and thank you for logging onto, exploring our website, reading our material, visiting the monument either in person or virtually, creating a member profile here and shopping at our on-line store.

Your President,

Mike Rounsaville

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